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BPI Network

More than ever, businesses must rely on strategic partnering to grow revenue, acquire customers, expand market reach and innovate products, services and customer experiences. But many are struggling to get it right. Grow From the Right Intro is a new report examining the state of partnering in today’s fast-changing, global marketplace. The study sheds new light into the motivations, rewards, pitfalls and proven practices that companies must consider as they seek growth and inspiration through business alliance building.  Developed by Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network and the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council, the report is based on a survey of 330 senior-level executives around the globe, bolstered by in-depth interviews with top executives in the realm of strategic partnerships.

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State of Marketing 2014

CMO Council

The "State of Marketing"—the most valued annual study by the CMO Council— provides an in-depth view of global marketing vitality and direction and serves as a valuable resource tool to help calibrate, prioritize and make a business case for marketing investments.

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Sales Execution Trends 2014


This report highlights the primary objectives and challenges of sales organizations, as well as areas for improvement to ensure success as sales leaders look into new ways to enable sales and empower their teams.

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Know More to Grow More. Applying Timely, Targeted and Tailored Insight to Improve the Pipeline

Research highlighted in the latest report from the CMO Council and CLOSE—entitled “Know More to Grow More”— reveals that marketers have notable deficiencies when it comes to obtaining valuable customer data and providing actionable intelligence to sales.
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Scenarios and Solutions: Mapping the Traps and Sales Effectiveness Gaps

No matter the product or service, marketing must drive demand-stimulating programs, and sales must maximize opportunities. This report contains executive perspectives from six in-depth brainstorming sessions around the world to probe the roots of these issues and create frameworks to resolve them.

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Closing the Gap: The Sales and Marketing Alignment Imperative

As more executives are being held accountable for sales optimization, alignment of sales and marketing is becoming a critical imperative versus a luxury of company culture. 

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Customer Experience Dynamics: Defining the Requirements for a Strong CX Ecosystem

According to this study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council—conducted in partnership with SAP Hybris and SellingPower magazine—customer experience (CX) lacks… Download »

The Critical Importance of Lead Validation in Internet Marketing

Straight North

This report shares some of the most important findings from Straight North's research with the hope that it will help readers design more efficient campaigns that are structured for rapid,… Download »

Lead Flow That Helps You Grow

CMO Council

To address the growing need to optimize lead flow and track winning content marketing strategies to optimized demand-generation tactics, the CMO Council has partnered with global content… Download »

Business Traction From Smarter SMB Interaction: Advancing Enterprise Excellence in SMB Marketing

The small to medium-size business (SMB) market will be a much bigger priority for large enterprise marketers in 2014, finds the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council in its latest… Download »

Sales Department Accountability

80% of Marketing Leads are not Followed Up by Sales! How to Turn the Tables and put Marketing back in the Driver’s Seat

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Optimizing Sales Effectiveness Through Value and Differentiation

To be relevant and successful sales organizations must evolve from a sales approach.

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Sales Effectiveness: The Power To Grow

Yet other companies, with very competitive products and equally capable salespeople, struggle to capture customers and sales. Why does this happen?

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Using Marketing to Improve Sales Effectiveness

This report reviews the key factors that optimize sales effectiveness by streamlining marketing processes and improving marketing'scontribution tosales efforts throughout the whole sales… Download »

Banco Itau Argentina

Optimizing customer cross-selling and acquisition strategies with predictive analytics.

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